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Ian Strange has published many books on the Falkland Islands.  The last five publications have been a joint effort between father and daughter and have been self-published under Design In Nature.   These, plus one other of Ian's popular books, are detailed below & are available for direct purchase from us.  Many of Ian's older books on the natural history of the Falklands can still be found in second-hand bookstores - if we can help you track down one of these, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Enjoy browsing! 

  The  Falkland Islands  & their Natural History

2015 - Limited Edition also available.  £25

Hard back, 160 pages, 'coffee-table' format

Design In Nature's most recent publication - an updated and re-designed version of the very popular Falkland Islands & their Natural History first published in 1987, packed full of black & white and colour photographs of the Islands, this book would make a lovely gift for anyone with an interest or passion for the Falklands.  

Available direct from us now!  Please contact us for details on how to obtain a copy of this book.


The Limited Edition comes presented in a special cloth-bound, gold-lettered slip case, signed and numbered by the author for £35

   A  Penguin's  World

2009.  £9.99

Hard back, 80 pages, small format

Compact and inexpensive, but packed full of beautiful photographs of these wonderfully comic birds, A Penguin's World features all species of penguin recorded as breeding in the Falkland Islands. All 80 pages of this book are filled with photographs; text is kept to a minimum but still provides a wealth of information about the lives of these seabirds. 

  Unknown Beauty - Images of  Beautiful  Unknowns

2015 - Limited Edition also available.  £35

Hard back, 208 pages, 'coffee-table' format

This work is structured using chance encounters with the often unconventional but real world of beauty found in women from all walks of life. The images have been taken over a period of many years, often through unexpected events in different countries, many of which are brought to life by the text which accompanies the photographs. Working with his subjects on a one-to-one basis was an essential element of the production. Without the back-up of lighting experts, make-up artists or studio facilities, photographer and subject alone were ultimately responsible for the outcome; this in itself proved highly rewarding.


  Atmosphere - Landscapes of the      Falkland Islands

2006 - Limited Edition also available. £18.99 

Hard back, 80 pages, 'coffee-table' format  

"Atmosphere" presents a collection of photographs taken over 4 
decades, many from remote and rarely visited areas of the Falkland Islands.  This beautiful hardback, coffee table style book showcases over 100 images of the Falkland Islands' most wild and scenic landscapes in the ever-changing light of their unique weather patterns.

 New Island, Falkland Islands -    

A South Atlantic Wildlife Sanctuary

2007.  £9.99

Soft back, 160 pages, A4 format

160 pages of beautiful photographs; information about New Island's history, flora & fauna, past, present and future conservation projects; and a look at how New Island has been transformed from a sheep farming property into one of the most unique and precious wildlife sanctuaries in the Falkland Islands. With a full range of information for visitors and scientists alike, plus a user-friendly design & content, this book makes a perfect souvenir as well as an invaluable reference guide.

 A  Field Guide to the Wildlife of the  Falkland Islands &  South Georgia

1995.  £14.99

Hard back, 192 pages, A5 format with full colour plates

A comprehensive and compact guide to the fauna of the Falkland Islands & South Georgia - this book covers all species with colour plates, photographs and line drawings, all by the author. This guide includes extensive information about the Islands' environment including historical and conservational aspects, climate, geography and much more. An invaluable guide for any visit to the Falklands & South Georgia.

Recent examples of Georgina's Falkland Islands postage stamp designs:

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