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 It is the beauty of the wild outdoors which drives me -

...the cold wind howling in my ears, sea salt from a Southern ocean storm on my face, the brush of an albatross wing tip over my head...

These things can't be reproduced in a photograph, but through imagery we have great power to stir something within the soul.  It's this power that every nature photographer hopes is enough to bring about a positive change of attitude towards conserving our planet’s wilderness for the future.  I strive to produce photographs which are not just beautiful images of our precious natural world, but ones which will evoke an emotional reaction in the viewer. 
As humans we have lost a lot of our connection with our wild environment, but it’s still within us and just needs a little coaxing and encouraging to come back to the surface!  If my images stir even a tiny spark of emotion in you, then I am happy that I’m doing my job right.


About Design In Nature 

  Who are we?

We're a father & daughter team; Ian and Georgina Strange.


'Unorthodox' is probably one of the words my father would most frequently use to describe himself.  


If someone asks me where I come from and what I do, their subsequent response is often, 'Wow!  That's a little bit unique!'.  


Yes, we are a little bit unique and my father is quite unorthodox! Together we're Design In Nature - a duo with a lifetime's experience of wildlife conservation and natural history, photography, design and publishing.  The Falkland Islands are our speciality and our home.  It is this very special archipelago to which we owe our uniqueness.  


  So, what do we do?

As Design In Nature, primarily we represent nature photography and design - we are available for photographic commissions, website design and publication design as well as producing prints and providing an extensive library of high quality images for a multitude of purposes.  Additionally, we have a wealth of experience in self-publishing books and a life-time of knowledge in conservation and wildlife matters.  We're always open to giving advice! 


Apart from being a pioneer in conservation & eco-tourism in the Falklands, to date my father has written and published nine books on the Islands and their natural history, four of which I have had the honour of being involved in, too.  Recently Ian has also published a book of photographic portraits (see more here).


Designing stamps (both illustrated/hand-painted and photographic) for the Falkand Islands postal service has been one of Ian's specialities for over 30 years and I also now design my own stamps for the Islands.  


As well as happily setting out on adventures across the world to take photographs, I dabble in design & advertising, website design, scientific & conservation projects.  I've been lucky enough to work with documentary film-making teams, such as BBC's Frozen Planet and John Downer Productions, National Geographic & NHK Japan.  I have worked for over seven years managing an isolated nature reserve and a team of international seabird biologists and For a couple of years I worked as a falconer in the UK!  Now I am an expedition guide, photographer and ornithologist on board Sea Spirit - a small expedition vessel taking guests to the far flung reaches of the Arctic and Antarctic! 


Probably the biggest thing for both of us is our involvement in a very special island nature reserve in the South Atlantic: New Island. It's a big story, so there's a whole page dedicated to it! Please see our New Island Project page to read on...


If you'd like to hear more please get in touch via our contact page!


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