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"As well as the expertise necessary to produce outstanding images of her stunning island home in the Falklands, Georgina has that essential attribute  - an affinity with her wild subjects, injecting a magical quality into her photographs. 

Since I met her, I have followed her work with great interest and wouldn’t hesitate to collaborate with this talented and creative photographer".

 Paul Nicklen
National Geographic Photographer

Join me, and some of the tamest wildlife on Earth,  for the trip of a lifetime!

Black-browed albatross
Golden ocean
Black-browed albatross at dusk
Rockhopper penguin chick
Striated caracara

Expert Wildlife & Photography Tours to the Falkland Islands

Join me in the Falkland Islands for an absolutely unforgettable wildlife experience.  Arguably one of the World's best destinations for nature enthusiasts and simply one of the most rewarding locations for wildlife photography!  Led by Georgina Strange, a local Falkland Islander, wildlife expert and internationally recognised professional and award-winning photographer.

Whether you're looking to improve your nature photography skills and capture the ultimate wildlife shot, or simply get out into the wilderness and wildlife-watch, I can guide you to the very best locations.  I'll give you unrivalled opportunities to experience the best that the Falklands has to offer!  Non-photographers may also tour with me!  If you'd simply like an unforgettable wildlife-watching safari, or perhaps a bird-watching trip, please let me know.

Good to know:

  • Two-week tours with a maximum group size of 6, but usually only 4 guests  (longer and shorter tours available!)


  • Private and Tailor-made tours are also available


  • Georgina is an Accredited Falkland Islands Tourist Board Tour Guide & local Falkland Islander and is also working as an Expedition Guide and Professional photographer in the Sub-Antarctic, Antarctic and Arctic! Her intimate local experience of wildlife and animal behaviour as well as the locations we will visit will elevate your tour to the next level for a true Falklands experience. 


  • All prices include your guide, Georgina, for the duration

  • Prices include comfortable lodge-style rooms with B&B in Stanley and full-board on the outer islands, plus all internal transfers & internal flights.


  • Please note prices are per person based on twin share. Single supplements apply for some itineraries where single rooms are available. International flights are not included in the package, but I can help with arrangements


Wild Falklands Photography Tour, 2023-24


Wild FalklandsWildlife & PhotographyAdventure,


Wild FalklandsWildlife Paradise & Wildlife Photography
Trip 1, 2-week itinerary: 4 places available
Trip 2, 4-week itinerary: 3 places available

Join me in summer 2025 (dates from early November to mid December 2025) for the ultimate wildlife and photography adventure in this magical animal paradise that is the Falkland Islands! With New Island, Sea Lion Island, Volunteer Point, Saunders Island and more, these itineraries will take in the absolute gems of these beautiful Islands at a time of the breeding season when everything is happening! 


Please drop me an email for more information!


What your tour guarantees:

  • Close encounters with wildlife, including penguins, seals, birds of prey & many more!

  • Professional photography guidance (if you wish!) to improve your skills and capture great nature photographs

  • Expert local knowledge of the birds, animals, their behaviour and environment

  • Quality time in one or two locations - no precious wildlife-watching and photography time will be wasted on traveling between too many places.  We will have the opportunity to re-visit favourite sites and species to make the most of great light or observe and photograph more behaviours.  Longer itineraries will include more destinations. 

  • Your tour also guarantees that the weather may mess up some of our plans - so please come with an open mind!  The Falkland Islands are in the middle of a fairly volatile ocean!  Plans may be adjusted according to the weather forecasts at the time.  

About your Guide:

Georgina grew up in the Falkland Islands on New Island, a remote and rugged off-shore island, an internationally recognised Nature Reserve and Important Bird Area.  Photographing wildlife there since her teenage years, Georgina has gained a level of knowledge of the birds and animals that only comes from a lifetime of being immersed in their environment.  Her professional wildlife photography has been recognised internationally; Georgina has been a finalist in the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year multiple times, and most recently in the 2020 and 2019 International Bird Photographer of the Year, 2020 NTTL Photography competition and 2017 Outdoor Photographer of the Year, as well as featured in magazines such as BBC Wildlife & Outdoor Photography.


When she is not guiding in the Falklands, Georgina's photography & passion for adventure takes her aboard expedition vessels, including MV Sea Spirit, MV Hondius & MV Scenic Eclipse to the sensational, Sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia and to the Antarctic Peninsula, as an expedition guide, photographer and ornithologist.  Georgina also ventures to the far North... to the Russian High Arctic of Franz Josef Land, to Svalbard and also to the beautiful East Greenland!   


Equally at home belly-crawling through penguin guano or entertaining international visitors, Georgina will share her passion and knowledge for the exceptional wildlife of the Falklands and capturing that dream photograph!  Take away some fantastic new images and memories of a trip and a place you will never forget...


What kind of itinerary can I expect? 

An Example Itinerary: 15 Days/14 Nights
2 nights Stanley, 6 nights Sea Lion Island, 5 nights New Island, 1 night Stanley


Main tour Destinations:

Tours will concentrate on Sea Lion Island, New Island & Volunteer Point: the Falklands' most wildlife-rich destinations. New Island & Sea Lion are arguably the Falklands' best spots for wildlife photography, with stunning scenery and incredible concentrations of wildlife.  Where possible, trips to Steeple Jason Island could be arranged with longer itineraries. Steeple Jason has the world's largest breeding colony of Black-browed albatross at ca.140,000 pairs! Carcass Island is also a beautiful island destination and there is also the possibility to include Saunders Island in our longer itineraries to enjoy the King penguins at the Neck or the Rockhopper "penguin shower"! 

Day Trips, when based in Stanley:

Days based from Stanley could, for example, include an overland, full-day trip to Volunteer Point to see the magnificent King penguins; a full day trip to Adrian's Rockhopper penguin colony on the beautiful rocky coastline of East Falkland (there is also a regularly breeding Northern Rockhopper penguin here!  Quite a treat!); an evening boat trip to Kidney Island to see thousands of Sooty shearwaters; a leisurely walking tour of Cape Pembroke and Yorke Bay to observe the Gentoo penguins nesting in the sand dunes or bird species such as Rufous-chested Dotterel and our stunning coastline.


Sea Lion Island:
Sea Lion Island's highlights include breeding Elephant seals, resident Orcas (preying on the Elephant seals and hence offering spectacular encounters with nature in action) and a large Gentoo penguin colony right outside the lodge! October/November is the best time for seeing the Elephant seals breeding - they have their pups at this time and we will have wonderful opportunities to observe them at very close quarters. 4 species of penguin can be found here and it's quite common to see the beautiful Short-eared owl at dusk.  There are many species of passerine here, and plenty of shorebirds, waterfowl and other seabirds as well as Rockhopper penguins.

New Island:

New Island's highlights are too many to list!  Over 15,000 pairs of Black-browed albatross nest on the sheer sea cliffs here, among Rockhopper penguins and King cormorants.  A large Fur seal colony can be enjoyed here too - a rarity for the Falkland Islands, as most Fur seal breeding groups are on uninhabited or inaccessible islands. New Island is also home to the World's largest breeding population of the small burrowing petrel species, the Thin-billed prion. You can't observe these birds at any other visitor destination in the Falklands, but on New Island the estimated 2 million pairs are all around and can be seen at dusk in their thousands! 4 species of penguin can also be seen here, and the Southern Sea Lion puts on a show as he hunts Gentoo penguins at the stunning, white sand beach of the North end. 

Carcass Island:
Carcass Island is one of the Falklands' most beautiful destinations, with a gorgeous winding coastline teeming with waterfowl and shorebirds.  It's home to many passerines due to its lack of introduced mammals and a lovely, sheltered settlement with trees. It is also home to large colonies of Gentoo penguins, which surf ashore on a stunning white sand beach.  Magellanic penguins make a very "Falkland" morning and evening chorus as they call from their burrows all over the hillsides, and at the far North-west point you can wander among Elephant seals and explore stands of Tussac grass and wild coastlines. Commerson's dolphins frequent the bay outside the house, and the hospitality here is second to none - you will get a very local experience staying on this lovely island.  From Carcass Island it's possible to sail with SeaQuest to West Point Island to explore rugged cliffs covered in Black-browed albatross and Rockhopper penguins! 

Customised tours may also be available and I can help you get to other islands to view even more wildlife!  I also happily cater for non-photographers wishing to embark on an unforgettable wildlife-watching tour - please just ask me!


Supported by: The South Atlantic News Agency MERCOPRESS 

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