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The Photographs 

Take a visual tour of some of the most spectacular places on earth... 

All photographs strictly Copright © G. Strange 

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 Falkland Islands 

Lying at approximately 52° South and 60° West, in the South Atlantic ocean, the Falkland Islands is an archipelago of around 450 islands, absolutely jam-packed with wildlife.  


Rugged coastlines, dramatic sea cliffs, endless grass plains and big, big skies - all bathed in wonderful crisp light.  It's really a nature photographer's paradise.


To the far west of the archipelago lies a tiny, rugged island nature reserve; this is New Island, and where I grew up.  It was here that my... let's call it an obsession, with wildlife developed!


It's an island with a truly wild spirit - here I'm sharing with you some of my favourite images of this magical place. 

South Georgia is a Sub-Antarctic island sitting alone in the Scotia Sea, accessible only by boat and not for those faint at heart! It's a magnificent place, with permanently snow-covered jagged peaks stretching its entire length, enourmous glaciers and some of the wildest weather on earth.  


It is home to hundreds of thousands of Antarctic Fur seals, albatross and petrels. Huge penguin colonies cover the slopes and many species of whales feed in its rich waters.  Everywhere you look, there is wildlife - often sprawled casually at your feet, totally unperturbed by your presence!


Recently I was lucky enough to embark upon a month-long, sea-bound journey to this remarkable island to undertake an albatross survey.  This is a collection of my 'spare time' snaps! 

 South Georgia


When I finished college in England, I had the choice of going on to University in the UK...or Australia.  Naturally, I chose the land-down-under!  


I studied a Bachelor of Photography at Queensland College of Art for three years and stayed in the country for a further year and a half afterwards.  What an amazing country!  It has everything you could ever want!  


The only downside, (if you can even call it that), is that it really does take a lonnnnnng time to see it all... I've only scratched the surface. 

My journey to the far west of Mongolia was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had! I had the honour of staying with two wonderful Kazakh families, living with them just as they live. Some moments were testing, (eating a goat's ear, for instance ;) ) but, mostly it was just BRILLIANT!


This album shows my experience with two families: Shokan's family in the incredible Altai mountains, an 8-hour drive overland from the nearest civilisation; and Esen's family, in the lowland plains near the village of Sagsai.  

Shokan and Esen are both eagle hunters, a tradition that has existed in Kazakh culture for hundreds and hundreds of years. With female Golden eagles trained to catch rabbits and foxes (or even bigger prey), Shokan and Esen hunt through the winter months.  During my stay they also competed in the annual Golden Eagle Festival near Bayan Ölgii, where nearly 100 eagle hunters took part in traditional events.  

The eagles are captured from the wild, which is a controversial issue for someone like me, who has a deep passion for wildlife and nature....but equally, it is an ancient tradition, and a way of life for Kazakh nomads. The eagles fly free and behave just as they would in the wild when it's time to hunt, but unlike in the wild, they are guaranteed a meal at the end of the day.


Although it may sound absurd, birds of prey don't generally fly for "fun"; they fly when they need to, to catch food. The remainder of the time they conserve all their precious energy by perching.


Although captive for a number of years, the Kazakh's will release their birds back into the wild once again to allow them to breed. They understand the importance of protecting the population and have a deep respect for these incredible birds.



When I'm not travelling or back home in the Falkland Islands, I am based in Devon, in the south west of England.  A gorgeous location with some great opportunities for photography.  I don't get out and about with my camera as much as I'd like, but here is a small collection of my favourite images from this part of the world...

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